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Spread testing time!

As part of our ongoing commitment to being Aircare accredited we are required to carry out Spread Testing every time we have a new type of Spreader or a new Aircraft Type in the Fleet.

When we need to carry out Spread Testing a certified Tester will be contacted and they supply all the equipment required on the day. This will include everything from trays to catch the samples, containers, scales and the all important laptop to record the collective data.

A large open area is a must to carry out the testing and set about marking a clear pathway to guide the Pilot when flying over head. The process of collecting the samples may appear simple but there are a lot of determining factors that need to be calculated. When the Fert is loaded in the Aircraft the type will be noted along with the spread rate that is going to be used. When the plane flies overhead and releases the fert it will fall into the trays below. From there the data is collected including weight of each tray collected and the width at which it was spread. This process will be completed multiple times with multiple rates and different types of Fert i.e DAP, Urea and Super Phosphate.

Once we complete this testing to a satisfactory standard (evenness of spread) we will be Spreadmark Certified under Aircare and have a certificate to show for it.

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