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Delivering on our Safety Commitment

Curiosity has some people asking what we do when we go and audit a maintenance/service provider. Recently our Audit team have been carrying out Service Provider Audits. This is an important requirement under SMS (Safety Management System) to ensure we know what the risks are that Service Providers bring to our business and how they are managing these risks. This is a process that allows us to have certainty that the people we contract to look after the aircraft we fly are doing so with Safety in mind.

We look at a multitude of records that show what has been done on our aircraft and how that all relates back. We look at any policies and procedures they have around tool management (making sure rags and spanners don't fly away in the plane!), Calibration, Fatigue Management and the list just goes on. It's a great opportunity for both parties to ensure we are being supplied with what we need.

We got to see our Latest edition to the fleet, Air Tractor ZK-SXS looking all shiny and almost ready to take flight!

While there we also started a SMS managers network, currently a network of three, which will add depth to the systems we have in place.

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